Fitting Guide

Follow my 5 simple steps to work out if you are wearing the correct size bra:-

1. Does your bra move?

The band around your back should sit in place and not move. If it does it means that your bra is too big. To check if you have the correct back size pull the band at the hook and eye away from the body, there should be about an inch of give. If a new bra has an adjustable back band with several hooks, its best if it fits on the loosest hook. That way you’ll have room to adjust when the bra stretches with wear and tear.

2. Do the straps dig in or fall down?

Straps should not leave marks on your shoulders or equally slip off. Like the back band, your straps should give an inch when pulled and should sit securely on your shoulders.

3. Does the underwire sit flat to your body?

The underwire should lie flat against your skin and not move away from the body. Ideally it should sit behind the breast tissue along the natural crease of the breast.

3. Does your cup spilleth over?

The cup of your bra should be big enough to hold the entire breast with no excess flesh spilling over the top or around the sides.

4. Does your bra sit around the middle of your back?

The band should lie straight against the middle of your back, parallel to the floor. If the back is riding higher it means that your bust isn’t being supported properly and it will slope downwards.

5. Does the centre front of your bra rise off your chest when you move around?

The centre front panel of the bra should sit flat against your ribcage and stay there. Sometimes referred to as the ‘gore’ in underwired bras, if it doesn’t lie flat it can be a sign that the bra is too small or the wrong style for you.

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